Pet Health Services

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Healthy Pets

Pet Health Services

Your Pet’s Nutrition

It’s often said that we are what we eat, and the same is true of our pets. The Animal Medical Center of Troy and our veterinarian in Troy, MO, offers a line of prescription diet pet foods made specifically to help your pet lose the weight needed to return to a healthy lifestyle. We also carry the entire line of Hill’s Prescription pet food, made to meet a variety of nutritional needs.

Allergy and Skin Treatment

A pet’s allergies can range from irritating to life-threatening, and skin conditions can adversely affect your pet’s quality of life.

Here at the Center, we diagnose and treat allergies and dermatologic conditions with:

  • Allergy testing to determine which allergens are causing your pet’s reactions
  • Seasonal allergy medications
  • Skin biopsies to diagnose and rule out conditions including malignancies
  • Minor laser surgery for dermatologic conditions such as skin tags

Your Pet’s Cancer Treatment

All of us at the Animal Medical Center of Troy understand the fear and devastation of learning that your pet has cancer. Our entire staff is committed to working with you to fully explain and explore all possible treatment options and provide the best and most up-to-date care available.

Determining the optimal type of treatment depends on a number of factors, including your pet’s overall health and age, as well as the type and extent of cancer. Among the treatment options available at the Center are chemotherapy and surgery for the removal of cancerous masses. In addition, biopsy samples are frequently sent to experts at the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center for histopathology (high-tech examination), allowing our vets to diagnose and treat any malignancies that are found more effectively.