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Dr. Melodie Bloss

Managing Veterinarian

Dr. Bloss's Bio

We are so excited for you to meet our newest DVM, Dr. Melodie Bloss!

Dr. Bloss knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from a very young age. After graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016, she and her husband moved to a small town in Southwest Missouri. She practiced at a mixed animal clinic there for six years and recently relocated to be closer to family. She and her husband, Kurtis, have two young daughters (Violet and Hazel), two dogs (Lexi and Bo), and one cat (June). She enjoys spending time with her family and being around animals in and outside of work.

Dr. Hammerle


Dr. Hammerle's Bio

Dr. Hammerle graduated from the University of Missouri and has 21 years of experience in this field. She prides herself in being able to help pets that are ill or injured. She loves researching complex cases and working with pet owners to give their pets what they need to stay happy and healthy. Outside of work, Dr. Hammerle enjoys spending time on the farm with her family and loves her horses!

Dr. Klingle


Dr. Klingle's Bio

With 37 years of experience, Dr. Klingle is a seasoned veterinarian who graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Her approach to veterinary medicine blends time-tested traditional remedies with cutting-edge advancements, ensuring the best possible outcomes for her patients. Outside the clinic, she cherish moments traveling and enjoying quality time with my family.



Ashley's Bio

Hi, my name is Ashley, a veterinary professional with a passion for holistic patient care and client education. Since 2014, I have been committed to the well-being of animals, having pursued my education at Penn Foster.

My pride lies in my ability to cater to all stages of life and handle diverse breeds and temperaments with ease. Beyond medical expertise, I excel in educating pet owners, empowering them to make informed decisions about their pets’ health.

In my free time, you’ll find me indulging in diverse interests, from restoring and building cars to exploring antique shops and expressing my creativity through art.


Veterinary Technician
Emma's Bio
Hi, My name is Emma! I have been a Veterinary Technician here at Animal Medical Center of Troy for two years. I am currently enrolled in Penn Foster to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. I have a three-year-old Black Labrador Retriever, Goose, and an 11-month-old Orange Kitten named Fozzy. I have grown up surrounded by animals and have always had a deep love and devotion towards them and providing care for them. I love seeing new faces and loving your fur babies as my own!


Veterinary Technician

Becca's Bio

Hi, my name is Becca, a seasoned veterinary professional with seven years of experience. Trained at Hickey-Vet Tech Institute, my expertise and passion for veterinary medicine shine through my technical skills and dedication to teaching others. When not in the clinic, I enjoy the camaraderie of slow-pitch softball, balancing work and leisure with finesse.


Veterinary Assistant

Faith's Bio

Hi, my name is Faith,  a compassionate veterinary professional with three years of dedicated experience in the field. I received my education from PIMA Medical Institute, where I honed my skills and passion for animal care.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to always prioritize my patients’ well-being, serving as their staunchest advocate in every circumstance. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a complex medical issue, I ensures that my patients receive the utmost care and attention.

Outside of work, I enjoy diving into the realms of literature and video games, finding solace and enjoyment in the immersive worlds they offer.

Jessica H.

Jessica's Bio
Hi, My name is Jessica. I have been a receptionist here at Animal Medical Center of Troy for almost a year. I love being around animals in any way I can. One of the best parts of my job is being a part of your fur baby’s journey and getting to learn new things and help out any way I can. We are a family of four, and we have two dogs Dottie, a Labrador/mix, who is our sweet, calm girl who loves to run, and Comet, an Anatolian Shepherd/Mix, who is our TV-watching snuggle bug. We also have a bearded dragon, Monkey, and two birds, Julie and Blue Bay.


April's Bio
Hi, My name is April. I have been a receptionist here at Animal Medical Center of Troy for almost a year. I have been married for 23 years. I have two children, two grandchildren, and two loveable pets, Chubby and Toothless. I like spending as much time as possible outdoors, hiking, and working in the yard. I love working with all the animals.



Kalie's Bio

Hi, I’m Kalie! I grew up here in Troy, and I’m currently going to school in Saint Charles. I started my first job working here at Animal Medical Center of Troy when I was 16 as a kennel assistant in boarding. I’ve grown up with many pets in the house, and this caused my love for animals, but working here has furthered my love for animals. Currently, I have two pets, a four year old chocolate lab and a Siamese cat. After two years in boarding, I moved up front to be a receptionist. I love meeting all of the unique dogs and cats that come in our doors, and can’t wait to meet many more.



Jamie's Bio
Hi, my name is Jamie. I have been a receptionist here at Animal Medical Center of Troy for around three months. I have a loveable Siamese cat named Simon. I enjoy working here because I love seeing all your fur babies and helping care for them.

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee's Bio
Hi, My name is Jamie. I have been in the grooming industry for over ten years. I enjoy providing stress-free, quality grooms for both cats and dogs. I take pride in my quality over quantity services. In my free time, I enjoy working in the yard and spending time with my two young children. I have two Poodles, an American Staffordshire Terrier, and a cat.


Rosie's Bio
Hi, My name is Rosie. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved animals. If I was at a friend’s house, I’d be petting the dogs instead of playing with the other kids. I volunteered at an animal shelter and got my first job in the grooming industry at age 17. Over a decade later, I can’t imagine doing anything else for a career and still get excited when I see a dog on the sidewalk. In my free time, I enjoy planning trips to national parks and doing anything outdoors. I have a German Shepard, a Golden/mix, and a cat.