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Pet Boarding Services

As far as your pet is concerned, there’s no place like home. But whether you’re planning a trip or your pet needs to stay overnight for medical reasons, you can rest assured that the staff will treat your pet with loving care.

Boarding Facilities

Our clean, comfortable boarding facilities are designed to accommodate all of your pet’s needs, with:

  • All dogs must be current on all vaccines including bordetella, rabies, flu, DHPP, HWT, and fecal
  • Dogs get potty walks 4 times a day
  • Medications given at the same times they are given at home
  • Pets are given their own food and, for added comfort, housed with their own blankets
  • Larger kennels for larger dogs, and smaller kennels for smaller dogs and cats
  • Separate kennels for pets with special needs, with all instructions displayed for staff
  • Separation between kennels to reduce stress
  • Kennel boarding is $33.50 per day and run boarding is $40 per day
  • All cats must be current on all vaccines
  • Cat boarding is $27.75 per day

Special Services during Boarding

For your convenience, you may arrange for the following services when you schedule boarding for your pet:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Bath

Arranging for Boarding

To arrange for boarding, call 636-462-4662

  • Sunday Pickup time is at 4:00 pm