Pet Diagnostic Services

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Pet Diagnostic Services

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technology

Dogs and cats can’t tell us where it hurts—at least, not with words. Fortunately, we are experts at detecting the causes of symptoms due to illness and injury. In many instances those causes can be revealed by a comprehensive physical exam. But when more information is needed, diagnostic testing may be required.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays can be used to examine your pet’s organs and bones to detect and diagnose injuries, such as fractures and a wide range of medical and surgical conditions. We use cutting-edge digital technology to make x-rays even more beneficial.

Digital x-rays can be viewed immediately on a computer monitor and manipulated to give the vet a better view, enabling a faster and more accurate diagnosis. Once the x-rays have been obtained, they can easily be emailed to an expert for a second opinion.

In-House Laboratory

Time is of the essence when your pet is ill or injured. Rather than sending specimens to an outside laboratory and having to wait for results, we have an in-house laboratory that processes a wide range of tests—such as those on blood and urine—in its own laboratory right here in our hospital. A faster turn-around on laboratory tests means treatment can begin sooner.